We connect people with systems and processes

We are really strong when it comes to overcoming data silos. For almost 20 years, we have ensured that users work together optimally in an interdisciplinary manner and make decisions based on facts.

For this purpose, our standard solutions fetch data from authoring tools into enterprise systems, and they link systems to synchronize data. With XSPHERE, we take an extended approach so that all parties involved in a development project in a distributed environment have direct access to every product information of the connected systems.

Expertise and experience

Data integration is our core competence, because both of our managing directors have spent almost their entire professional lives together in the PLM environment. CAD systems, intelligent data and process management, as well as a high level of synergy and efficiency – this is their world.

From the beginning, they had one goal in mind, namely to integrate and link the authoring tools of all engineering disciplines collectively in all popular systems for PLM, ALM, requirements management, ERP, etc. For this purpose, the data is standardized on the XPLM integration platform in such a way that each system can interpret it in its own way.

One of our principles: neutrality

We work neutrally and on an eye level with all leading providers of PLM and authoring systems. In order for the cooperation to work well, we are clearly obliged to strictly maintain confidentiality with them.

This is us – XPLM

Clever management of product data. Digitalizing processes.

Integration of systems via intelligent interfaces

Processing native data, transparent management, automation of routine tasks

Data migration, conversion and synchronization

Harmonization of IT landscapes, data consolidation and integration into processes

Linking data across systems without interface

Finding, linking and utilizing data,
 overcoming data silos easily

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