Work Profitably. Deliver faster.

Using data and information without barriers

Search, find and use data from other applications within the familiar working environment

Always work with
current data

Link data instead of duplicating it. Smart links follow revisions to provide the latest data

Centralize communication between all parties

Innovation teams share their information on a common collaboration platform like ​MS Team


Industrial enterprises solve their top challenges by overcoming their data silos

Comfortable collaboration throughout the entire product lifecycle

  • Create and manage links between data in their source systems without duplication
  • Easy access, as the XPLM technology works with standardized microservices
  • XSPHERE is a plugin for querying and using external data in one's own application
  • Cloud-ready – no customization on the client required
  • XSPHERE combines the services of data migration, integration and federation

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Top industry challenges in data management

Data is spread across many software applications​

80 %

agree with the statement​

Data is distributed across different departments/locations​


agree with the statement​

Data silos weaken our innovative strength/competitiveness


agree with the statement​

Do you want more information about the Industry challenges?

Industry Study 2023

In the winter of 2022, we asked industrial companies from various sectors about their biggest challenges. The result: unstable supply chains and the digital strategy and its implementation cause them the biggest headaches. After all, today's customers expect a solution package of product and services tailored precisely to their needs with short delivery times. Learn more.

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CIMdata experts say

"The current state of the art is a service-oriented Architecture (SOA) that connects the IT landscape via microservices. Data are connected via links or references, which can be easily reconfigured in the event of changed requirements."

CIMdata from CIMdata's Final Thoughts

Connected Lifecycle for optimal collaboration

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